US snow storm: US snowstorm Leads to Vehicles crashes mid coronavirus vaccination: icy storm threat amid Corona virus vaccine campaign in US

The biggest impact of the corona virus epidemic was seen in America and now the campaign to vaccinate the country has started. Meanwhile, in the cold weather, the possibility of slowing the pace of both vaccination and testing has been created due to snow storm. Snowfall began to intensify on Thursday afternoon from Northern Virginia to New York that up to 0.6 meters of snow is expected in many places. This has raised the challenge before the authorities whether to continue or stop the testing of corona virus.

‘If not one or the other problem arises’

Outdoor dining platforms in New York City have also been hit by heavy snowfall. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s statement shows the extent to which the administration has also been battered by successive losses. He said, “Today our theme should be that if one thing (problem) is not there, the other is standing.” He appealed to people not to forget to wear masks while helping someone in snow removal.

Challenge of sending vaccine amidst storm

However, officials say the cold will not prevent the distribution of the vaccine. Starting this Monday, vaccines for health care workers have been started. Vaccine will be given to 3 million workers and nursing home residents in the country. Alex Azar, the US Health and Human Services Secretary, said Wednesday that the government is tracking vaccine shipments and staff is ready to receive them. They have hoped that the companies sending the vaccine will prepare keeping in mind the storm.

How will delivery of vaccine happen?

35 vaccine deliveries are to be done in New Jersey hospitals in two-three days. Murphy says that instructions have already been given for this and trucks delivering the vaccine will not have to comply with other storm-related restrictions on commercial vehicles. At the same time, New York Governor Andrew Kaomo has said that the first round vaccine has been given in 90 hospitals and the next delivery will be after Tuesday. The storm is expected to be over by then.

3 killed, more than 200 crashes


More than 600 flights to and from the US have been canceled due to the icy storm. So far, three people have died in different incidents due to the storm. Two people died in a crash in Pennsylvania and one person in North Carolina died. There were over 200 crash reports in Virginia. People have been asked to stay indoors and bus-trains are also canceled in many places. People have been asked to move out of the house only when there is urgent work.

Things can be serious right now

At the same time, the National Weather Service says that the storm will create several threats from the Mid-Atlantic to the northeast. This can cause severe rain and snow in the Mid-Atlantic with a severe cold. New York City may experience heavy snowfall and New Zealand may also cause flooding in coastal areas with strong winds. Tornadoes and hurricanes may also occur in North Carolina. At the same time, snow and rain in Virginia lost power to thousands of homes and business institutions.

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