China southern great wall myanmar: China building 2000 km long ‘Great Wall’ on border of Myanmar, local people in panic – China building 2000 km long southern great wall along myanmar border says reports

The ancient ‘Great Wall’ of China attracts tourists from all over the world but now the dragon has started building another ‘Great Wall’ on the border of Myanmar with the help of barbed wire. The people of Myanmar are in a panic due to the construction of this wall about 2000 km long. Not only this, in some places China is constructing this ‘wall’ within the border of Myanmar which is also opposed by the Myanmar army. Let’s know what is the real purpose of this new ‘Great Wall’ of China.

According to Radio Free Asia, about 2000 km long wall is being built on the border of China with Myanmar. Chinese media claims that the purpose of building this wall is to curb illegal infiltration from Myanmar within the country. The construction of this wall has started with 6 to 9 meters high barbed wire in China’s southwestern Yunnan province on social media. On the other hand, Radio Free Asia says that the real purpose of this new Great Wall of China is to prevent dissidents from escaping from China.

Myanmar protests, China unheard
Earlier, China had started barbed wire along the border with Shan State of Myanmar which was opposed by Myanmar army. Myanmar’s army wrote a letter to the Chinese authorities strongly opposing the wiring. Myanmar newspaper Irrawaddy reported that the country’s army spokesman, Major General Joo Min Tun, said that China began fencing on Sunday near post number BP-125.

Major Tun said, ‘The local battalion has sent an objection letter to the Chinese side. We have raised this objection on the basis of the border treaty in 1961. The provisions of this treaty state that no structure can be constructed within 10 meters of demarcation. China claimed that it was constructing a fence to prevent the entry of people illegally. He has ignored Myanmar’s opposition.

China is building southern great wall to crush dissidents

Radio Free Asia said that this entire project is being run under the code name of ‘Southern Great Wall’. The first phase of the project has been completed and fencing has been completed in an area of ​​650 km. China plans to complete the construction of this high-tech wall on the 2000 km border with Myanmar by 2022. The electric current continues to run in this fence and powerful cameras have been installed with infrared sensors.

Experts say that the plan to build this wall has not been made in one stroke. The whole planning is hidden behind it. After this fence is built, Chinese dissidents will not be able to go to Myanmar or Vietnam easily. He said that China does not want its opponents to leave the country and hide in these countries. Wang, an expert, said that since Xi Jinping came to power in China, he has not only prevented dissidents from leaving the country, but also abducted Chinese citizens abroad.

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