Alcohol consumption in India and bihar men drink more than goa: What kind of prohibition in Bihar, state men drink heavily


  • Bihar may have liquor ban, but the men here drink heavily
  • This has been revealed in the data of the National Family Health Service.
  • Most Telangana men consume alcohol

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The men of Bihar dodged the deposits. You must be shocked. Even though there is prohibition in Bihar, the figures of National Family Health Survey 2019-20 are showing this. Telangana is ahead of Goa in terms of alcohol consumption. As far as the use of tobacco is concerned, the northeast states are at the top here.

Kashmir, Gujarat men drink the least
According to the survey, Maharashtra’s men are third in the country in terms of drinking alcohol. The men of Karnataka drink the most alcohol. In another state with prohibition, men from Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir drink the least. However, compared to previous surveys, it has not been known whether there has been any change in the number of drinkers. In the 2015-16 survey, people aged 15–49 were surveyed, while the new survey included all people above the age of 15 years.

Alcohol consumption will surprise

Alcohol consumption will surprise

Sikkim women top in case of drinking alcohol
As far as women’s drinking is concerned, the northeastern state of Sikkim tops the list with 16.2% figures, while 7.3% of Assam’s women drink alcohol and the state is second. The surprising thing is that while the men of Telangana are number one in the case of drinking alcohol, the women are not far behind and they are third in this case list. According to the survey, except for Goa and Telangana, women of the northeast are consuming the most alcohol.

Women heavily drink liquor in villages!

Women in villages tend to jam more fiercely than urban women. This is the situation in most parts of the country. However, the reason behind this may also be that the women of the villages have no hesitation in telling them about drinking alcohol. At the same time, the urban women had some hesitation about it. There is a difference between urban and rural men drinking alcohol but not as much as women.

Consumption of tobacco more than alcohol!
Tobacco consumption is the highest among all states of the country. Even after advertising for cancer due to eating it on tobacco products, there is a tremendous addiction among people. Earlier survey in India has also revealed that people chew more tobacco than alcohol.

People chew a lot of tobacco in Mizoram

In the northeastern state of Mizoram, 77.8 percent of men chew tobacco while 65 percent of women have addiction. This state is at the top in terms of tobacco consumption. The northeastern state has the highest consumption of tobacco among women and men. Everybody consumes less tobacco in the southern state of Kerala, where only 17 percent people consume tobacco. Only 18 percent of men chew tobacco in Goa. As far as the consumption of women tobacco is concerned, the hill state of Himachal Pradesh has the lowest 1.7% tobacco consumption.

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