November 29, 2021

One Year Complited for Delhi Riots Foundation was laid in Jamia know when what happened: Foundation of Delhi Riots was laid in Jamia on December 15, know when what happened

new Delhi:

The violence and Delhi riots started from Jamia University has completed one year today. A year ago, December 15 was the day when students outside the university were protesting and shouting slogans against the CAA, with some local leaders and a large number of local people also joining their crowd, with the police calling them Law and Order Attempting to stop the same by putting barricades on it and many of the fierce people clashed with the police, during this time the push was stopped, the barricades were dropped, the police tried to repel the raging mob, then suddenly and astonishingly started throwing stones Done, as the police proceeded to nab the perpetrators of violence, a large number of stone pelters entered the campus.

Surprisingly, there was stone pelting inside the campus and from the other side of the road for hours. The way the stones were being bombarded from inside the university, it was evident that a big conspiracy was hatched here under the cover of the demonstration. Stones continued outside the Jamia campus till late night. Many police personnel and others were injured in this stone pelting, vehicles became targets, public property was damaged, but the stones did not stop. Eventually at night, the police force had to enter inside to overcome the stone pelting from inside the campus. When the police entered and took action, the stone pelting and the riots were contained. More than 100 people were injured in this whole incident, including about 95 police personnel and students.

People wearing masks reached the library with stones
You can see that the CCCTV footage of the library shows the whole story of how some people with a mask on their faces entered the library with stones in their hands, tried to lock the doors to stop the police, the policemen took control after the police action Returns. After this incident, the CAA protests got another color, many organizations became active in the name of students and alumni, from the next day, a sit-in demonstration started in Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Islamia, which lasted more than 100 days. Meanwhile, demonstrations were planned in twenty-one places in Delhi, including Bhajanpura Chand Bagh, Seelampur, Zafarabad, Khureji demonstrations were important in fueling the fire of Delhi riots.

Police will also file a third supplementary charge sheet
In this case, an FIR was registered by the Delhi Police on 15 December 2019, whose investigation was later handed over to the Interstate Cell of the Crime Branch. According to the crime branch official sources, a total of 22 people have been arrested due to the investigation, in which JNU student Sharjil Imam, Jamia student Asif Iqbal, Miran Haider, local leader Ashu Khan are prominent faces. So far in the Jamia riot case, two supplementary charge sheets (supplementary charge sheets) have also been filed after the main charge sheet. Sources say that the police will also file a third supplementary charge sheet soon. The court is hearing the allegations of taking cognizance of the case.

Still searching for 70 accused
Due to the investigation, police searched all the CCTV footage on the Jamia Campus and adjoining streets, more than 100 people were captured in the riots and cameras and mobile recordings of the surrounding location and Jamia Campus, out of which 70 people were seen. , Whose police are looking for. Police sources say that 22 people involved in the conspiracy and violence were identified and arrested, but the links of most of the accused have not been found, although the investigation is still on and some arrests can be made as soon as they are identified. .

Jamia violence became the mastermind in Delhi riots
The police were also put in the dock in the Jamia violence. Uncertain protests began at several places including Jamia, Shaheen Bagh, with police raising questions about complaints on campus and library entry without permission, making it a ruthless issue by police in the campus with opposition from the CAA. In several charge sheets investigating the conspiracy of the riots, the police have also admitted that the Delhi riots conspiracy had started with the Jamia violence, which told how PFI including students of Sharjeel Imam, Omar Khalid, Asif, Miran, Safura, Natasha etc. , Organizations played the role of breaking the cage. Separate charge sheets of the police mention how the police was stoned from inside the Jamia Campus, then when the police had to take action, the action was linked to the opposition of the CAA by presenting it as atrocities on the students and Shaheen Demonstration has been started.

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