December 4, 2021

Kisan Andolan News: AAP ke upavas par bole Amarinder Singh- siyasi phayade ke liye Kejriwal ne bech di aatma, palatavar, Kisan Andolan News: Amarinder Singh on AAP fast: Kejriwal sold soul for political gains, counterattack


  • Punjab CM Amarinder and Arvind Kejriwal clashed over support for farmers’ movement
  • The two Chief Ministers targeted each other through twitter to support the farmers’ movement.
  • Amarinder Singh calls Arvind Kejriwal’s declaration of fasting in support of farmers as drama

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Demonstration of farmers continues in protest against the three new agricultural laws of the central government. In such a situation, a verbal war has started between Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to support the farmers’ movement. The two Chief Ministers have targeted each other through twitter.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted on Monday, “As every Punjabi knows, I am not afraid of ED or other matters, Arvind Kejriwal will sell your soul if it serves your political objectives.” If you think that you can do the farmers with gimmick in your court, then you are completely wrong.

Amarinder Singh calls Arvind Kejriwal a ‘coward’
Describing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as a ‘coward’, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that he was afraid of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader in a defamation case and had to apologize. Simultaneously, Singh targeted Kejriwal, saying that he was hiding the failure of his party and pretending to stand with the farmers. The Punjab Chief Minister also rejected Kejriwal’s allegations, in which he said that Singh was afraid of the ED.

Singh termed Kejriwal’s allegations as false
Calling Kejriwal’s allegations false, the Punjab Chief Minister said that every Punjabi knows that he is not afraid of any kind of false ED or other matters. Singh said that the whole world has seen how Kejriwal has sold the interests of farmers by notifying one of the black agricultural laws in the national capital. He said that this happened at a time when the farmers were preparing to march in Delhi. Amarinder said that the Chief Minister of Delhi himself has made it clear that he has a setting with the Central Government regarding this Act. Singh pointed out the question, why did you do this Kejriwal? What pressure did the Center put on you? ”The politics of the farmers is being played against the agricultural laws of the Central Government.

Kejri ‘war’ on Punjab CM
On the other hand, attacking Chief Minister Amarinder, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal said that you were part of the committee that drafted these bills. This bill is your gift to the nation. Captain Sir, the BJP leaders never accuse you of double standards in the way they accuse all other leaders?

Amarinder called the announcement of fast a drama
A day earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh called Arvind Kejriwal’s announcement to fast on Monday in support of farmers as “drama”. Singh said that the Kejriwal government notified one of the agricultural laws “shamelessly” on November 23 and stabbed the farmers’ backs.

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