November 29, 2021

PM Modi FICCI AGM Speech Highlights: PM Narendra Modi Speaks on New Farms Laws and Farmers Protest – PM Modi speaks to farmers amidst agitation against new agricultural laws – all is for you!


  • PM Narendra Modi speaks on opposition to new agricultural laws in FICCI annual general meeting
  • PM said- Agriculture sector has already become vibrant by the steps we took
  • Said- farmers have the option to sell their crops outside the mandis as well
  • Farmers also got the option to sell and buy crops on digital platform

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again appealed to the farmers, amidst agitation by farmers organizations across the country against the new agricultural laws. The Prime Minister said that his government is removing the walls standing between several sectors. In the 93rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the industrial organization FICCI, Modi said about the latest laws that ‘after these reforms, farmers will get new markets, new options, technology benefits, modern cold storage infrastructure of the country’.

Thousands of farmers have been agitating against these new laws in Delhi for more than two weeks. The government had proposed some amendments after several rounds of talks with them, but they are not ready for anything less than the withdrawal of all three laws. The central government is again trying to negotiate with the farmers’ organizations. Meanwhile, PM Modi again on Saturday listed the benefits of new agricultural laws to farmers.

Most investment will come in agriculture: PM Modi
We have seen walls between agriculture sector and other sectors related to it like agriculture infrastructure, food processing, storage, cold chain and so on. Now all the walls are being removed, all the barriers are being removed. After these reforms, farmers will get new markets, new options, technology will be benefited, the country’s cold storage infrastructure will be modern. There will be more investment in all this agriculture sector. The farmer of my country is going to benefit the most from all this.

Today, farmers in India have the option to sell their crop markets as well as outside. Today, mandis are being modernized in India, giving farmers the option to sell and buy crops on digital platform. The goal of all these efforts is to increase the income of the farmers, make the country prosperous. When the farmer of the country will prosper, then the country will also prosper.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Appeal to businessmen to invest in the village
PM Modi also mentioned the ‘PM-Vani’ scheme launched recently for better connectivity in rural areas. He said, “Under the PM-Vani scheme, a network of public Wi-Fi hotspots will be created across the country. This will lead to a wider expansion of connectivity from village to village.” He appealed to the businessmen at the AGM to invest in rural areas. Modi said, “I urge you to participate in these efforts for better connectivity in the rural and semi-rural areas. It is certain that the growth of 21st century India is going to support villages and small cities only. Entrepreneurs like you The investment opportunity in villages and small towns should not be lost at all. “

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