January 19, 2022

Agriculture law farmers protest and government stand all about this agitation. Agriculture bill, farmers and protests, know what is the fear of the farmer and the government’s favor

Agriculture law farmers protest and government stand all about this agitation- India TV Hindi
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Agriculture law farmers protest and government stand all about this agitation

new Delhi. Farmers are protesting and chanting ‘Delhi Chalo’ with 3 new agricultural laws passed recently by the central government. The government has already cleared a lot about it, but even after this, there is a fear in farmers about some points. Political parties have also started baking rotis regarding new agricultural laws. In the midst of the farmers’ protests, you should also know why there is a situation of confrontation between the farmers and the government regarding the new agricultural laws.

In fact, farmers remained dilemma about the new agricultural law, such as the end of the MSP system, the abolition of mandis, the occupation of industrialists on the agricultural sector, the snatching of land from industrialists by contract farming, and who would buy the produce without mandi. is. However, the government has already answered all these questions. The government has made it clear that there is no mention of ending the MSP system in the new agricultural law. Purchasing on MSP will continue as before. The government has already made it clear that the mandis do not pose any threat. Mandis will remain as before The good thing will be that farmers will get out of the clutches of middlemen. The obligation of the farmer to sell the produce in the market has also ended, the farmer can sell his produce wherever he wants.

The new agricultural laws will guarantee the price of the produce at the time of crop sowing through contract forming and the farmer has the right to break the contract whenever he wants. As far as the contract between the farmer and the crop farmer is concerned, the government has made it clear that the contract will be for procurement only, there is no question of selling the land. With the new agricultural laws, the government has opened the way for agricultural business outside the Agricultural Produce Market Committee. Although the government has not said anywhere in the new agricultural laws to abolish the mandis, but its effect can devastate the mandis, the farmer is also scared of this.

PM Modi had already clarified the situation regarding agricultural laws

Let me tell you that during the election rally in Bihar Assembly elections regarding the new agricultural laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had put a complete stop to all the illusions being spread. Prime Minister Modi, while clarifying the situation earlier on agricultural bills, said that the Minimum Support Price (MSP) system will remain in force as before. No contractor’s land will be able to be occupied by a farmer. The farmer will be able to sell his crop in any corner of the country. He can sell the crop in the market or he can sell it directly to the retailer or to any processing industry. There will be no pressure to sell the crop in the market.

PM Modi had said that the government has also talked about private sector and foreign investment inside agriculture in the new Agriculture Bill. Farmers will be able to avail facilities like contract farming through this. That is, before the planting of the crop, he will make an agreement with the industry to sell it and the industry will also help the farmer in the production and processing of the crop. Overall, the Agricultural Bill can be beneficial for agriculture and farmers in the coming days.

Former Haryana Chief Minister and Congress leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda has said that a solution should be found by negotiating with them (farmers), their demands are justified. We support them. The three laws that have been made are not in the interest of the farmer. It is worth noting that the farmers of Punjab and Haryana sell the maximum crops at minimum support price (MSP) across the country.

Agriculture Minister ready to talk to farmers, may be talked on December 3

On the farmers’ opposition to the new agricultural law, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Friday (November 27) that the Indian government was ready, ready and ready to discuss with the farmers. I urge all farmers to suspend the movement in the winter season and in the crisis of Kovid and take the path of discussion. The Indian government is ready to discuss them. Earlier also, talks have been held with farmers at 2 levels at their level, secretary level. We have sent an invitation to the farmers union for talks on 3 December.

Agitating farmers arrived to protest at Nirankari Samagam Ground in Burari, Delhi

Meanwhile, after violent clashes with the farmers on the border adjacent to Delhi, the agitating farmers finally got permission to enter Delhi. The Delhi Police has allowed agitating farmers to hold a peaceful protest at Nirankari Samagam Ground in Burari. Let us know that farmers from Haryana and Punjab have reached Delhi to register their protest.


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