December 3, 2021

When and how to take dose, Covin app will give you complete information

The Indian government has developed a special app for the Kovid vaccine rollout. It is named Covin. This app will play a very important role in the Kovid vaccination campaign. Through this, the government will get important information like vaccine stocks, distribution, storage. At the same time, when the vaccine is administered to the vaccine, its schedule will also be available from the app. Through the Covin app, officers will be able to upload and access data on a real-time basis. The data of the app will be updated from the central and state agencies, apart from this, the stock can be detected at 28,000 storage centers spread across the country. The app will also keep an eye on template loggers, vaccine deployment and cold chain managers. Let us know more about this app.

No change in temperature in the journey of vaccine, the app will keep an eye

The government will be able to track temperature changes at storage points through this app. This is very important because it is very important to keep the vaccine safe before use. The Covene app will also track the journey from the vaccine’s storage facility to a health center, district hospital or vaccination center. If the stock is running somewhere, this app will send notifications on it as well.

Covin app will also give certificate after both doses


Through the Kovin app, people will be able to check their vaccination schedule, location and even the details of who will get the vaccine. Once both doses of vaccine are used, a vaccination certificate will also be generated in the app. It can also be saved in DigiLocker.

The data of every priority group will be in the Covin app


The app has all four priority groups – health care workers, frontline workers, people over the age of 50 and people suffering from serious illnesses. At the district level, it will feed the data of those working in government and private hospitals. They are to be given the first vaccine dose after approval.

How will the vaccine reach you?

The central government will buy doses directly from vaccine manufacturers. Priority groups will get vaccinated first with the help of the network that exists in states and districts. State governments are identifying buildings that can be used as vaccination booths. These will not include only health care facilities. Schools, Panchayati buildings and Anganwadi center buildings can be used for Kovid vaccination. The person included in the list of vaccination will be linked to its base so that duplication is not possible. It will also be able to track who has been vaccinated and who has not. According to the Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, 25-30 crore Indians can get vaccinated by July 2021 on a priority basis.

EVIN will also be used in vaccination

-your house-

India has around 28,000 vaccine storage centers in all districts which are connected to eVIN. At least 40,000 frontline workers are engaged in managing logistics. There are at least 50 thousand Tempressor loggers to check storage temperature. The Ministry of Health already has a digital platform like electronic vaccine intelligence network ie eVIN. eVIN provides real-time information of vaccine stocks and storage templates at all cold chain points. The government can integrate its data with the Kovin app.

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