December 5, 2021

Amit Shah visits Chennai

Whenever BJP’s former president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah goes to a state, the politics in the state gets stirred up. In the past, Shah was in West Bengal, so the politics there was hot. Elections are to be held in many states including Bengal next year. In such a situation, every visit of Amit Shah is considered to be important in political terms. On Saturday, Shah will visit Chennai. Shah is not just going to Tamil Nadu, he is also one of the states where elections are to be held next year. Shah Ja has been laying the foundation stone of development projects, but behind the presence of BJP’s ‘Electoral Chanakya’ in this southern state, there are some factors which are not showing, but work is on them.

Meeting m alagiri
Union Home Minister Amit Shah will also meet former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s elder son M Alagiri during his visit to Chennai. This meeting is very important, because it is believed that in the upcoming assembly elections, BJP can contest the election with KDMK, a possible party of Alagiri. Alagiri has been largely neglected in the DMK. In such a situation, he is considering forming his own party, Kalainar DMK.

Whether or not BJP benefits from Alagiri’s alliance with the KDMK, DMK, the main opposition party in the state, will definitely be harmed. The BJP is also seeing its advantage in the loss of DMK, as it will help its ally and ruling party AIADMK. Apart from this, BJP does not have a mass base in the state. Its image is also not compatible with the anti-Brahmin movement like the major parties of Tamil Nadu. In such a situation, with the help of a Dravidian party, the BJP has hoped to expand its base in the state.

Talk to AIADMK
The BJP has an alliance with the ruling AIADMK in the state. There have also been indications of increased rivalry between the two parties in recent times. After Jayalalithaa’s demise, the raids of several industrialists close to the party and the rebellion of rebel leader O Panneerselvam and the partition of the party are considered to be the BJP’s hand. It is said that the top leadership of AIADMK did not have the skills to deal with such aggressive political policies of BJP. In such a situation, the party’s alliance with BJP is considered to be a compulsion. Recently, the BJP and AIADM’s differences regarding the Vail Yatra were openly exposed. The ruling party had banned BJP’s Vail Yatra in the state.

BJP is creating an atmosphere with the Vel Yatra
There is a lot of furore in the state regarding BJP’s Vail Yatra before the assembly elections. The BJP’s one-month visit scheduled to conclude on December 6. In such a situation, not only the ruling parties but also the opposition parties of Tamil Nadu are angry about this campaign of BJP. Opposition parties have requested the government to immediately stop the visit. The state government has not given permission for the Vail Yatra to the BJP citing the Corona virus, but the BJP also wants to continue the yatra in the mood. Due to this many BJP leaders have also been arrested.

Vel Yatra is being described by opposition parties as plotting to spread riots in the state. The state government had also said that the visit should be banned, citing not allowing radicalism to dominate the state. However, the BJP has denied all these allegations. The BJP has a political purpose in the Vail Yatra, this is clear from what Tamil Nadu party president Murugan said at the beginning of the yatra. Murugan had said that the Vail Yatra would prove to be the turning point of state politics.

BJP’s position in the state
The BJP does not have a very strong presence in Tamil Nadu. Talking about the last assembly elections, the DMK won 89 seats in the 2016 elections for the 232 seats of the state and the AIADMK got 134 seats. At the same time, BJP did not get a single seat. In the 2016 elections, BJP received 2.86 percent votes in Tamil Nadu. Despite all this, the BJP is creating an atmosphere for the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

To make its presence felt at the grassroots level in the state, the party is doing everything it thinks is right. For this, the BJP is not even willing to confront its allies. The party has been in the media continuously for the last four years. It was told that during the debate on any regional news channel of Tamil Nadu, a BJP leader is definitely present.

Will meet party officials
Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will reach Tamil Nadu on Saturday to meet the party’s state unit officials. He will discuss and brainstorm strategies related to elections. Shah will also talk to party workers on the issue of government ban on Vel Yatra.

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