Warning: Corona active cases increased again after 55 days, total cases also exceeded 90 lakh Coronavirus active cases death toll recovery rate recovered cases and total testing in India till November 20th

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In the capital of the country, people are being cut off for not wearing masks.

new Delhi. The time has come for the Corona virus to be vigilant again, active cases of corona were decreasing for 55 consecutive days, but according to the data released by the Health Ministry on Friday morning, 55 days of active cases of corona again There has been an increase. According to the Union Health Ministry, during the last 24 hours, there has been an increase of 491 active cases of corona across the country and now the total active cases of corona have increased to 443797 in the country.

With the increase of active corona cases in the country, now the total number of corona cases has also crossed 9 million. According to the Union Health Ministry, during the last 24 hours, 45882 new cases of corona virus have been seen across the country, due to which the total corona cases have increased to 90,04,365. According to the Health Ministry, during the 24 hours, a total of 44807 people have been cured from Corona across the country and the total number of cured people has also increased to 8428409.

If we look at the statistics of the Ministry of Health, not only the active cases of corona have increased but also the number of daily deaths due to corona in the country has also increased, during the 24 hours, 584 people died due to corona across the country. And so far 132162 people have died across the country due to this virus.

Testing is being continuously extended by the government to identify corona patients. A large number of corona tests are being conducted daily across the country. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), more than 10.83 lakh corona tests have been conducted across the country on Thursday and the total testing figure in the country has crossed 12.95 crore.

Speaking of corona virus cases globally, the total number of cases worldwide has crossed 58.7 million, so far, more than 13.65 lakh people have died due to corona virus worldwide. However, over 3.97 crore people all over the world have been cured of the corona virus. The highest number of cases of corona virus in the world are in America, where more than 120 million cases have been reported and more than 2.58 lakh people have lost their lives. It is followed by India and Brazil is third after India, where 59.83 lakh cases have been reported and more than 1.68 lakh people have lost their lives. At number four is France where there are 20.86 lakh cases and more than 47 thousand lives have been lost and at number five is Russia where 20.15 lakh cases have been reported and more than 34 thousand have died.

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