Troubled by Donald Trump Stance in the Power Transition Process, Biden Sought Donations from People – Biden asked for donations from people upset over Trump’s stance in power transfer process

Distressed by President Donald Trump’s non-cooperation in the Transition (power transfer process) in the US, elected President Joe Biden has now appealed to the general public to donate. In a Twitter message, he said- ‘Since President Trump is refusing to give up and delaying the transition, we have to complete this process ourselves. We need your support in this. If you are able, donate to the Biden-Harris Transition. ‘

In fact, due to Trump’s insistence, the US is now growing impatiently. Trump’s attitude has been described as an attempt to overthrow the mainstream media there. In some media discussions, the question has also been raised whether Trump can be prosecuted later for this stand. Meanwhile, Twitter has announced whether Trump will give up or not, and the US President’s Twitter handle (@POTUS) will be given to Biden next January 20.

In addition, other related Twitter handles @whitehouse, @VP (Vice-President), @FLOTUS (First Lady i.e. the President’s wife), and many other official Twitter handles will also be transferred to the new administration. The Twitter company team will meet the Biden-Harris team in the next few days and will get information about how the new administration wants to use Twitter handles.

The US President’s Twitter account has 32 million followers. According to Twitter, the tweets by President Trump will be added to the archive. The handle received by the new president will begin with a zero tweet. That is, the first tweet by Biden will start appearing on the Twitter handle. President Trump has 89 million followers on his personal Twitter account.

His Twitter activity has been closely monitored by the Twitter company recently. A large number of his tweets have been flagged by the company saying that the things said in it are not verified (verified). Twitter has said that after Trump’s departure from his presidency, his Twitter handle will continue to be closely monitored.

Meanwhile, Trump may not be ready to give up, but his efforts to reverse the election results are constantly being pushed. As the deadline for certifying election results is getting higher in states, the president’s claims are becoming weaker. The state of Georgia on Friday certified its election result. In this way, Trump’s defeat here has been officially stamped.

The state of Michigan will issue its certificate of election results on Monday. The election results will be certified the same day in the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania. The election results of all these states have been challenged by Trump. In these states, Trump had to face defeat. With the results confirmed on Monday, Joe Biden will have 270 members in Electoral College and his victory will be officially confirmed.

The Trump team on Friday reviewed the status of the petitions filed in the courts, according to the website They also have a petition filed in Pennsylvania. The Trump team still hopes that by acting on this petition, the court may block the process of certifying the election result in Pennsylvania. Trump’s strategy is that if the courts stop this process in a few decisive states, then the matter will come to the legislature of the states where the Republican Party has a majority.

According to US law, if the election of members of the Electoral College is delayed due to confusion, the legislature can nominate members on its behalf. Significantly, this process must be completed by 8 December. In 2000, due to such a delay, members of the Electoral College in the state of Florida were completed without counting, which led to George W. Bush being elected.

Trump has not left the White House for several days. It is said that from there, he himself is guiding all the efforts that his team is continuing to change the election result.

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