November 29, 2021

Rajat Sharma Blog Pakistan plot foiled Salute our intelligence agencies | Rajat Sharma Blog Pakistan’s plot failed, we salute intelligence agencies

India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.- India TV Hindi
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India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

Pakistan then tried to do the disgraceful and shameful act which it had been in the past one year. In the dark of night, Pakistani terrorists tried to enter Kashmir by sitting in a truck loaded with ammunition. But the brave soldiers of our security forces carried all the terrorists before the sun rose. Those who had come to lay the corpses turned themselves into zombies.

The security forces and intelligence agencies, while displaying the best coordination, killed the Jaish-e-Mohammed militants on Thursday on the Jammu-Srinagar highway near the Ban Toll Plaza in Nagrota. All four terrorists were from Pakistan. The four militants were killed in a joint operation by the Army, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police. These terrorists, armed with 11 AK 47 rifles, three pistols, more than four dozen grenades and 10 kg RDX, were hiding in trucks loaded with rice and sand bags. The truck driver escaped by taking advantage of the firing and darkness.

When the truck was stopped at the checkpoint of the highway, the four militants started firing and throwing grenades. The infiltration of terrorists and the killing of them in the encounter in Nagrota is a major success of the border grid established by the Army and BSF in Kashmir. I would like to praise our intelligence agencies. He had obtained very strong information. This is not an easy task. There is a lot of danger in this. Due to this information, the security forces with complete planning wiped out the terrorists. Since the information was confirmed, our security forces did not suffer much. But just think, if the information was not received on time, if there was a lapse, then how much loss could have been caused by 10 kg RDX, 11 AK 47, 29 hand grenades. Had Pakistan succeeded in its plans, it would not have known how many innocent people would have lost their lives. The terrorists who were killed were Pakistanis. The RDX belonged to Pakistan, the weapons were stamped with China, the terrorists had a Karachi tag on their pants, the medicines they had were packed with Karachi.

These Pakistani terrorists had planned to carry out a major incident. They came with full preparations with large consignments of arms and ammunition, but our brave soldiers piled them up before dawn. Two police personnel were injured in the firing that took place for three hours. The security forces blew up the truck during the encounter. Four corpses, large quantities of weapons and lots of sacks were found from inside the truck. The terrorists were ready to attack the security forces if they were surrounded. He did the same thing. Sacks filled with sand were placed like a shield. The terrorists were sitting in the middle of the sacks so that the bullets could not reach them. But he could not think that the whole truck could be blown up by a bomb instead of a bullet.

Our security forces had strong intelligence that some of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists had managed to cross the border in Hiranagar and its adjoining areas and could attack. After this information, all the systems became active. Intelligence agencies have told on time that a truck can contain terrorists. The route was also known and the truck suspected was continuously tracked. The truck crossed the toll plaza of the cool Khui area of ​​Samba at 3.44 am. At that time it was allowed to go. The truck was then stopped at Ban Toll Plaza, Nagrota. By this time all preparations had been done on the toll, the security personnel were fully prepared. As soon as the soldiers at the toll plaza landed the driver of the truck for investigation and started inquiring, the driver started running when asked to check the truck. Meanwhile, the terrorists present in the truck started firing. The suspicion of the security forces was correct, intelligence was confirmed. The truck was in panic, but their firing did not cause much damage as the preparations were complete. Firing continued for nearly three hours as the terrorists in the truck hid in the sack of sand. Finally, the security forces blew up the truck and piled the four terrorists.

The question is, why does Pakistan try such an attack even after repeated mouthfuls, and what was the purpose of planning such a big attack at this time? Actually, the District Development Council elections are going to be held in Kashmir at this time. From November 28, these elections will be held in every district in eight phases. Development work at the local level will be done through these elected Zilla Parishads. District Development Councils have been formed throughout Kashmir. In each district, people will elect 14 members of the District Development Council and these 14 members will elect their chairman. These Zilla Parishads will be responsible for local development in Kashmir. Obviously these councils will have a lot of fund for development. This Zilla Parishad will strengthen democracy in Jammu and Kashmir and a new leadership will get a chance to emerge. Now Pakistan is trying to intimidate people at this time. This election process should be interrupted. It is unfortunate that we also have such people here, leaders who speak the language of Pakistan. Those who know that if there is development in Kashmir, then their shop will be closed. (Rajat Sharma)

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