December 4, 2021

kp sharma oli and chinese ambassador: Chinese ambassador came forward to save Nepali PM, strong opposition in communist party

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hao Yankee has once again come forward to save the power of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is dancing at the behest of China. The Chinese ambassador met Oli on Tuesday for about two hours. The Chinese ambassador’s jump in this battle of Oli versus Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is now being strongly opposed in the Nepal Communist Party itself.

The Chinese Ambassador met PM Oli and held discussions for about two hours. According to another source, Yankee and Oli discussed the process of unification of the ruling party and resolving existing differences within the party. A source said that both have discussed saving the party from breakdown and forming a government. Yankee has insisted on a compromise to end the dispute.

Dahl described Oli’s activities as ‘unforgivable’
Earlier, when the Chinese Ambassador Yankee intervened to help Oli in Nepal’s political crisis, there was a lot of controversy about it. After this it was claimed that now the Chinese Ambassador will not be able to meet the Prime Minister directly, but it did not happen. The meeting between Oli and the Chinese Ambassador came at a time when dissatisfaction within the ruling Nepali Communist Party has increased significantly.

PM Oli proposed co-chair Pushp Kamal Dahal to postpone the meeting to be held at the secretariat, while Dahal refused to accept it. This meeting was held but no decision could be taken in it. Now there will be a meeting on 28 November. Earlier in the meeting, Dahal had submitted a document describing Oli’s activities as ‘unforgivable’ and demanded his resignation. He also disqualified Oli for the post of PM.

In the midst of this political turmoil, opposition from the Oli to meet the Chinese ambassador has started within the Nepal communist itself. Raghuji Pant, member of the party’s Standing Committee, said, “This was not the right time for the two sides to meet.” That too when there is a way for our party to work. This move by Hao Yankee now raises doubts as to whether the Communist Party is actually working on its own or at the behest of the Chinese Ambassador.

‘Oli and Hao Yankee meet inappropriate’

The Chinese Ambassador has met Oli at a time when on October 21, the Nepalese PM met the Chief of India’s intelligence agency RAW in private. Oli is also surrounded by this meeting. Prakash Sharan, a Nepali Congress leader and former foreign minister, says that such open meetings undermine national sovereignty. At the same time, it increases the competition among the big powers.

Another member of the Standing Committee of Nepal Communist Party, Leelamani Pokharel said that the meeting between Oli and Hao Yankee was inappropriate. He said, ‘An ambassador cannot meet the Prime Minister. It is not good to discuss the internal affairs of the party with an ambassador. Let us know that the Nepalese Prime Minister has been in disputes with the Chinese Ambassador for a long time.

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