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India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma

First of all, let me warn you that if the negligence on the corona continues, the guidelines issued regarding the corona continue to be violated, then once again there may be lockdown restrictions. At least Delhi has created similar situations. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal clearly said that if people’s behavior did not change, people did not show seriousness, did not stop crowding the markets, then there could be restrictions once again. For this, the Delhi government has sought permission from the central government. The Kejriwal government has sought permission for the lockdown in Delhi’s ‘hotspot’ markets where the guidelines regarding Corona are being violated. At the same time, the Delhi government has already reduced the number of guests from weddings and social gatherings from 200 to 50.

The situation in Delhi is really bad due to Corona virus infection. Corona cases were declining in Delhi from the last week of September to October 12. But after this the corona cases here started increasing unexpectedly. Now the result is that the hospitals in Delhi are filled with corona patients. There is a shortage of ICU beds in hospitals here. In order to increase the number of ICU beds in Delhi, the help of the Center had to be sought and their number is being increased with the cooperation from DRDO. The population of Delhi is around 20 million, that is, about one and a half percent of the country’s population, but out of all the cases of corona reported in the country every day, about 13 percent of the cases are coming from Delhi only. In the last two days, there are about 100 deaths daily due to corona virus in Delhi. That is, every fourth person who died of corona in the country is from Delhi.

In November alone, 1,300 people have died due to corona virus in Delhi. Most of the dead were suffering from diabetes. The death toll from Corona in Delhi has come down to 7,812. With 6,396 positive cases reported on Tuesday, the total corona cases here have crossed 4.95 lakh. According to the data released on the Delhi Corona app, 90 percent of Delhi’s ventilated ICU beds and 88 percent of non-ventilated ICU beds have become full. Patients with severe symptoms of corona are wandering from one hospital to another in search of ICU beds.

Actually, everyone is watching the threat of Corona, but not caring about it. Everyone knows that corona is dangerous, it has no drugs, no vaccines. But those people who believe that Corona can be others and nothing will spoil them, they are putting the whole society in danger. Due to the negligence of such people, now the situation has become such that the same phase can be returned again which was in the months of April to June. The same situation can happen when the roads, markets, offices were deserted due to the lockdown.

If we look at the figures from the point of view, the rate at which the corona is under control in the country is increasing at the same pace in Delhi. Nobody wants a lockdown again. Nobody wants to have money. But the pictures that we showed you on India TV, you will understand. I have been constantly warning from this danger for some days. The markets are crowded. There are many markets like Sarojini Nagar, Chandni Chowk, Chawdi Bazaar, Lajpat Nagar, Sadar Bazaar and Gandhi Nagar, where neither one is following social distancing and people are also negligent in wearing masks. There is no place to set foot in these markets. Most people have kept masks but not properly. There were many people who were walking in the crowd without a mask. People make dozens of excuses not to apply masks. Everyone has their own arguments, but they do not know that the consequences of this mistake are terrible. They should see pictures of the crematoriums in Delhi where there are long queues of dead bodies.

The number of people who died of corona in Delhi has increased more than the month of May-June. In June, an average of 75 people died every day. This was the time when Corona Peak was in Delhi. But now for the last ten days, the number of people who died of corona in Delhi is about hundred everyday. With this, you can get an idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation. Whether it is a cremation ground or a cemetery, the death toll has started appearing everywhere again. There is no space left in the cemeteries. In the crematorium, lines are being laid for the last rites. Separate arrangements have to be made. At Nigambodh Ghat alone, 20 to 25 people who died due to corona are being cremated daily, whereas till 10 days ago only 5 to 7 bodies of corona patients used to come to Nigambodh Ghat. You can guess the situation from the fact that Nigam Bodh Ghat is a cremation ghat run by electric and CNG but after the way the death toll due to Corona is increasing, after the carcass has been approved for burning the wood too. .

The problem which is at the cremation ghats is the same problem in the cemeteries. There is less space in the cemeteries of Delhi. Our correspondent visited Jadid Cemetery near ITO in Delhi. It is the largest cemetery in Delhi. About 10 bighas of land were given separately here to bury the people who died from the corona, but now the speed at which corona patients’ bodies are coming, it seems that in the next twenty days this cemetery will be completely filled. After twenty days a new place for the cemetery will have to be found.

Why does Corona cases grow so fast in the last ten-twelve days in Delhi, no one can tell exactly. Someone said that people crowded the markets, there came Corona’s Superspreaders, so cases increased. Someone said that pollution in Delhi has increased rapidly in the last one month. Pollution causes respiratory diseases and when the shortness of breath, lungs are weak, the corona virus spreads more quickly. Someone said that Corona cases increased because the winter in Delhi had increased. If a person gets a virus infection, people are inside the house and in such a situation the virus infects each other.

My suggestion is to stay patient for a few more days and keep control. Stay home and do not go in crowded places. Reduce mixing. If you come out, do not put the mask in the pocket, but on the mouth. Do not hang the mask on the mouth, leave it properly. This will save you. Keep distance from each other. It is a matter of a few days, keep courage and take care. Most of the corona vaccine trials are in the final stage. There is every hope that the vaccine will come soon and you know that the world rests on hope. (Rajat Sharma)

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