kanpur me bacchi ki bali: The child was sacrificed after reading a black magic book! The couple ate for the sake of having children – after reading the black magic book child was allegedly sacrificed by couple and ate liver


  • Disclosure in the case of child sacrifice in Kanpur, black magic angle
  • The couple increased the book of black magic before the shocking incident
  • Eat several organs including the baby’s liver, lungs to get children
  • Dead body of 6-year-old girl found missing from home in village Ghatampur

The couple, who sacrificed the child on Diwali night, have been sent to jail by the police. It is revealed in the investigation that the couple, who used to eat the child’s heart, used to read black magic books to get children. They performed different kinds of rituals. The couple has told that in the book of black magic, it was written that by sacrificing the girl on the night of Diwali, eating her body will produce children. The husband murdered the girl by luring money to her nephew. The husband and wife had made the body parts of the child their morsel.

In a village in Ghatampur Kotwali area, there is tension after the shocking incident with a 6-year-old girl. On the evening of Diwali, the 6-year-old girl suddenly went missing from outside the house. The family and neighbors of the girl kept searching for the girl all night, but nothing was known of her. The next day of Diwali (Sunday), the body of the girl was found in a mustard field near Kali temple in a dilapidated condition. The killer took away both the lungs, heart and liver of the girl.

Ankul, who lives in the neighborhood, lured the girl on the pretext of getting chips. Ankul and Viren had drunk first and then gang-raped the child. After this, he was brutally murdered and his body parts were removed.

Kala jadu

The couple did not have a single child
The accused couple Parashuram and Sunaina were married in 1999. After 21 years of marriage, the husband and wife did not have a child. Parashurama and Sunaina used to perform various sorcery and tantra-mantras to obtain children. It is being told that Parashuram had brought a black magic book from the railway station, in which the method of procuring children was written. In the book of black magic, it was written that eating the heart of a child on the night of Diwali will bring children.

The couple had the nephew murdered
The couple had lured their nephew Ankul for a few rupees to kill the girl and bring her to the temple. Ankul, along with Viren, brutally murdered the child and gave both his lungs, heart and liver in polythene to his uncle and aunt. The ‘Narpishach’ uncle and aunt ate the baby’s heart and body parts.

How the incident was revealed
On Sunday, the body of the girl was found among the fields near the Kali temple. The police reached the village on the information of the villagers. Police were questioning the villagers regarding the girl child. Meanwhile, a 12-year-old girl told the police that a young man named Ankul was taking the girl. When the police took Ankul into custody and questioned him strictly, he put the entire incident in front of the police.

Family members raised questions on the revelations
The family alleges that the police is unable to find clues about the child’s missing limbs. The child’s father has alleged that the child’s organs may be trafficked. He has questioned the police action. He says that there should be a CBI inquiry into the entire development. No innocent should be punished.


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