Amit Shah on Gupkar alliance: Says either Gupkar alliance swims or else the people will Sink It


  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah responded for the first time on the Gupta alliance
  • Shah called it the ‘Global Gang’, said- Restoration purpose of article 370
  • These people want to take Jammu and Kashmir back in the era of terror: Shah
  • Said Shah – not a clandestine gang that will drown the public according to the mood of the country

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Finally, Union Home Minister Amit Shah took cognizance of the spoiled speech of the leaders of the recently formed political front in Jammu and Kashmir. Breaking his silence, he warned that if these leaders continue to go against the spirit of the country, their loot is sure to sink. Shah termed the Guptakar alliance as a ‘Guptak gang’ on Twitter and said that they want foreign forces to intervene in Jammu and Kashmir. Shah asked Congress’s support to the Guptakar coalition, “The Guptakar gang insults the tricolor of India. Do Soniaji and Rahul support such moves of the Guptakar Gang? They should clear their stand in front of the people of the country.” Shah said that the purpose of this ‘global alliance’ is to somehow restore Article 370.

‘Country will not accept global alliance’
Shah said in one of the tweets that ‘the Congress and the Gupta gang want to bring Jammu and Kashmir back to the era of terror’. Shah said, “They want to take away the rights of Dalits, women and tribals which we have removed by Article 370. That is why the people of the country are rejecting them everywhere.” The Home Minister said in the next tweet, “Jammu and Kashmir has always been an intrinsic part of India. The people of India will not tolerate any unholy ‘global coalition’ against the national interest. Either the gang of gangs will not go with the mood of the country So people will drown him. “


Umar Abdullah also attacked
Omar Abdullah, former J&K CM and National Conference leader, also attacked Shah. He said, “I can understand the displeasure of the Hon’ble Home Minister. He was told that the People’s Alliance is going to buyout the elections. This would have given the BJP and the newly formed King’s Party complete relaxation in J&K. We did not do that in the elections.” Only leaders in J&K can be detained and called anti-nationals for participating and supporting the democratic process. We are not a ‘gang’ Amit Shah, we are a legitimate political coalition that has contested elections. And will fight, even if you are disappointed by it. “


The ‘spoiled words’ of the leaders of the Gupta alliance
Keep in mind that the top leaders of the Gupta group are constantly making anti-country statements. On October 11, Farooq Abdullah said that he would ensure the return of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir with the help of China. Then on 23 October, very bad words of Mehbooba Mufti came out. She said that she would not raise any flag other than the flag of Kashmir. Mehbooba’s statement is a direct challenge to the Indian nation. BJP expressed its displeasure over Mehbooba’s attitude. Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Kavindra Gupta, said, “He went back to the era when there were two flags. The BJP’s promise was a legislation, a mark, a head and we fulfilled it when we came to power. These people do not know in which language they are living.

Disputed lyrics of Farooq Abdullah, said- Article 370 will be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir again with the help of China.

The controversial words of Mehbooba Mufti – ‘I will not raise any flag except the flag of Kashmir’

Congress with secret alliance in DDC election
It has been on the BJP’s target ever since the announcement of the Gupta alliance. The Congress has recently planned to contest the District Development Council (DDC) elections in association with Mehbooba Mufti, Farooq Abdullah. The BJP also targeted the leaders of the group in a press conference on Monday. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said, “They have a fixed agenda that the removal of Article 370 should be repealed and implemented again. Some people like Farooq Abdullah went to the extent that they said that Article We will take help of China to enforce 370 again. “

What is the secret plan?

Mehbooba said not to lift the tricolor, Yogi’s minister said in response – Go to Pakistan

Answer of a Kashmiri to Mehbooba Mufti: India resides in the heart, prepare to go to Pakistan!

BJP had termed ‘Guptachar alliance’
BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Monday called it a “secret alliance”. In a press conference held at the party headquarters, Sambit Patra said that now that the Congress has joined the secret alliance, it should also clarify whether it supports the statement of National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah in which he He reportedly reportedly asked China for help in restoring the 370.

Center is plotting to expel Muslims from Muslim-dominated areas of J&K: Mehbooba

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